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circular shape like a cog or a helm colored green, blue and purple

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Maps of the Basic Mapping Sequence

three wooden human figures on a wooden ladder. One top, one middle falling and one bottom tipping.

Personal Profile Map

The Personal Profile Map answers the essential first question "Where am I?". 

Triggers + Glimmers Map

The Triggers and Glimmers Map answers the second essential question "How did I get here?"

Regulating Resources Map

The Regulating Resources Map answers the question "How do I find my way up the ladder and what helps me stay in ventral?"

Other Worksheets

Four Map Tracking

Soup of the Day

Goldilocks Graph

Time and Tone Graph

Cue Sheets

Patterns and Tempo


Personal Play Profile

Patterns of Play

Two wooden human figures being standoffish, facing away from each other
two wooden human figures shaking hands
two human wooden figures embracing each other in a hug or dance

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