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The Science of Feeling Safe Enough To Fall in Love with Life and Take the Risks of Living

Towards Compassion & Connection

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'The autonomic nervous system is a common denominator in the human family. We all share the same biobehavioural platform.'

Deb Dana

Through a Polyvagal approach to living, the door opens to compassion
An autonomic nervous system that co-regulates and self-regulates with ease creates the possibility to move out of the need for protection - and instead to embody a system that finds joy in connection.

My work as a clinician, consultant, author and speaker is focused on using a Polyvagal lens to understand and resolve the impact of trauma - and to create ways of working that honor the role of the autonomic nervous system as we move through states of protection and connection in an ongoing quest for safety. 

This website offers resources and material in various formats to provide a roadmap we can use to find our way to wellbeing in both our professional work and personal lives. Whether you are an established polyvagal enthusiast, clinician, practitioner or simply a curious human being at the beginning of your polyvagal journey – welcome!

Upcoming Events

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PVT Unpacked: Demonstrations, Discussions & Resonance

Begins Oct 27

Orange Blossom

PVT in Action: Creating Safety & Connection with Trauma Clients

Dec 7-8

Latest Conversations

Episode #274: Understanding Human Reactions with Polyvagal Theory - with Deb Dana

Professional Trainings 


Deb Dana's
Foundations of Polyvagal Informed Practice 

Join Deb and her senior training team for this immersive clinical training series. With over 49 hours of combined live and recorded learning material, you'll gain deeper insight into Polyvagal Theory and learn to integrate Deb's renowned Polyvagal-Informed framework into your professional work. 

Curious Human Beings

Explore Deb Dana's work here at Rhythm of Regulation & choose from the various routes & options below that suit your lifestyle best

Learn on your own by reading free guides, worksheets & articles, find links to all of Deb's publications, listen to recordings and unique audio-meditations.

Coming soon, this is an exciting new audio adventure offering inspiring ventral vagal content - created for everyone to enjoy and delivered to your ears anywhere, anytime.

A diverse selection of both clinical and non-clinical courses and workshops: live online, interactive, recorded on-demand, hybrid and co-hosted training all available.

See and hear Deb in a variety of appearances as she gets to the heart of her work with trauma, resilience and the power of befriending your nervous system.

See forthcoming keynote speeches, workshop & conference presentations, or invite Deb for a speaking engagement or bespoke workshop for your organization.

Deb is available for international events and conferences. She also offers bespoke training worldwide, tailored for the specific needs of each individual organization.


Navigating Grief

What to do About Feeling Sad

What Are Glimmers?



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