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How to Access Course Material After Registration

1. Sign into the Learning Platform Website at www.ror.thinkific.com

2. If you cannot locate the initial email inviting you to set a password then email us at rorassist@gmail.com

3. Once logged in you will see your own Student Dashboard containing all your enrolled courses:

4. To access all course material, including Zoom links and videos click anywhere in the box or on ‘Start / Resume Course’.

5. If you click ‘See Overview’ you will only get a list of course content - click Start / Resume Course to get linked content.

6. This will lead to the course material page with the course menu on the left divided into lessons and chapters where you can locate all video and PDF links under the relevant sub-heading.

7. The Zoom links for the live sessions will be uploaded in the RoR Online Learning Platform the day before that class. 

8. Scroll down the navigation menu to find the zoom link in the relevant lesson, for example, in Learning Labs you will see a title heading ‘Chapter 3 Zoom Webinar Link’.  If you cannot find the latest Zoom link for your course then do a search for ‘Zoom’ in the ‘Search by Lesson Title’ box and it will come up.

9. The video recording of the live session will be uploaded within 24 hours of the live event and also placed in the relevant section of the course in the RoR Online Learning Platform.

10. All links and material related to your course are held in the RoR Online Learning Platform at www.ror.thinkific.com which you can easily access once signed in.

We are more than happy to help if you need assistance - please email rorassist@gmail.com

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