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Bringing a Polyvagal Platform to Your Practice

Polyvagal Theory brings hope to therapists, practitioners and clinicians in their work with clients whose patterns of protection keep them imprisoned in experiences of disconnection.


Learning to incorporate a Polyvagal-guided approach is not only a cognitive exercise – it is an embodied one. Explore from the inside out and get to know your individual autonomic profile, befriend your nervous system, and attend to the ways it works in the service of survival. Through this “science of connection”,  the autonomic nervous system can be reshaped toward safety, regulation, and relationship. As therapists we have a responsibility to be a regulated and regulating presence for our clients. As people who care for others and care for our world, we carry that same responsibility. Polyvagal Theory provides the science to guide your choices and bring deeper meaning to the way you live and work.


This website contains material specifically geared towards the professional Polyvagal community.  This includes professional courses ranging from shorter workshops, to more in-depth and longer training such as Deb Dana's signature clinical training series - Rhythm of Rhythm of Regulation®: Foundations of Polyvagal-Informed Practice.


Please see our Training and Events pages and contact us here for any training related queries:

Clinical Training & Resources

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Deb Dana's training formats range from short workshops to longer in-depth, interactive training - such as the six month Foundations Series.

New Foundations Part I courses began in January 2022 in partnership with PESI. The Foundations series is Deb Dana's signature clinical training, with professional credits offered. The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy Book Study Group is also a popular starting point as it provides a thorough grounding in the terminology and landscape of PVT.  Both Learning Labs Series I & II offer a deeper dive into specific individual topics and also have CEs available.  New courses will be announced for 2023. Sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop.

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Deb enjoys partnering with organizations who share her vision for bringing a Polyvagal lens to clinical work. She has been working with PCPSI for many years, so you will find a good selection of live and recorded offerings available.  As a founding member of PVI, Deb is also delighted to be offering further training with them including the Art & Science of PVT and Principles and Practice of PVT, for both groups and individuals.  There are also plenty of co-hosted events that take place globally, such as those in Australia, UK, Spain, Japan, Italy, and the Netherlands. See the Training and Events pages for a forthcoming workshop near you.  

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The Resources page contains tools and offerings that will be helpful for seasoned practitioners, and those new to PVT.  Worksheets available with the book The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy continue to be a vital resource for many therapists and practitioners.  In addition to the increasingly popular Polyvagal Flipchart, Deb has recently published her Polyvagal Card Deck with Norton. Also forthcoming is her Polyvagal Workbook which clinicians can incorporate in their client sessions.  There are also articles & additional resources dotted around this site - designed for practitioners from the helping professions to use in their individual client sessions.

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