The autonomic nervous system responds to the challenges of daily life by telling us not what we are or who we are but how we are. Once we understand the role of the autonomic nervous system in shaping our lives, we can never again not see the world through that lens.

Polyvagal Theory presented in user-friendly language!   Written for all therapists who want to understand this groundbreaking theory as it might actually show up in their day-to-day practice, this book offers a comprehensive approach to polyvagal-informed intervention. Worksheets and experiential exercises designed to map and shape autonomic response provide therapists with a road map for bringing Polyvagal Theory into their clinical practice.  

Learn how Polyvagal Theory is improving treatment and clinical practice across a range of settings.  This comprehensive edited collection brings together innovative therapists who share their experiences of integrating Polyvagal Theory into their practices.

Digital Seminar in cooperation with PESI UK

Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory: An Autonomic Roadmap to Safety, Connection and Healing

Digital Seminar in cooperation with PESI

 Polyvagal Theory Informed Trauma Assessment and Interventions; An Autonomic Roadmap to Safety, Connection, and Healing 

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