An autonomic nervous system that co-regulates and self-regulates with ease creates the possibility for clients to move out of their past need for protection and embody a system that finds joy in connection.

Polyvagal-informed therapy honors the role of the autonomic nervous system in shaping our physiological experiences and psychological stories and offers strategies to engage the rhythm of regulation in fostering change.  The Rhythm of Regulation Clinical Training Series is designed to help clinicians become fluent in the language of Polyvagal Theory and bring a  polyvagal framework to their clinical interventions.  

The Beginner's Guide to Polyvagal Theory is a "user-friendly" guide for therapists and an easy way to introduce clients to Polyvagal Theory. 

I've written a series of autonomic meditations to offer a way to explore the autonomic nervous system through guided imagery.  

Watch this space for a new meditation every few weeks...

Guided Meditation 

The Old Vagus meditation uses this beautiful image of the vagus (from the Wellcome Collection) as an anchor to invite the listener to follow the path of the "wanderer" in a gentle beginning exploration of the autonomic nervous system.